How Truecaller Works and What You Need to Know About it

We all are living in the era of technology, where everyone wants to be a techy person. You might be familiar with truecaller or you are using it, Truecaller delivers a good experience that goes beyond the limitations of today’s phonebook apps so that people always have to access the right information. it provides you a contact search feature based on name or number. but ever you think how Truecaller Works?

it started around 8 years ago by the two engineers who aimed to create something new in this world of technology. Nowadays lots of smartphone users use it in their devices to find the right caller. let’s know how it works

How Truecaller Works

if I say it in one line then we are providing our data to truecaller, whenever we download truecaller mobile app then truecaller app asks the users to allow access to the user’s address book/contacts on the smartphone. This data is uploaded by the app to the company’s servers and after going through several data matching or refining algorithms, this data will be available to all truecaller users.

How Truecaller Works

If you are already a truecaller user then you might notice that truecaller only allows either Facebook, Yahoo, or Gmail to access the Truecaller app, and if you have one then you cannot connect to the truecaller database. This is because these all big company’s are most widely used social media sites that contain a lot of details like phone number, name etc. If you log in to the truecaller app using your mobile number then your entire address book will be sent to the Truecaller servers.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Truecaller

Pros –

1) Truecaller app comes with a “Who Viewed My Profile” feature, with the help of it you can keep track that who is viewing your number.

2) Truecaller allows you to find mobile phone location of the number

3) You can search and find caller from the phone number

4) Truecaller allows you to block or spam any number, you can also report them to truecaller database to mark it as spam for all users

5) It provides you live tracking

Cons –

1) Truecaller requires the Internet connection for all time to work

2) Sometimes Caller ID does not work in all areas

3) There is no guarantee of the information security

4) It is not good for privacy

How to Unlist Number From Truecaller

Thankfully you have the option to remove or unlist your mobile number from the truecaller, this is an important feature of it. To remove your number from the truecaller database you have to go below link, after that enter you mobile number and select the reason that why you are unlisting your mobile number, Next you have to fill the captcha and select unlist.

After doing that your mobile number will never again be uploaded to it’s server along with it your previous records associated with your number will be deleted.


Truecaller is a good option to identify the right caller, you have some good features like you can search any number, you can block to anyone, you can identify the spammer etc. but the bad thing is that it stores your all contact list in their servers which could be a privacy issue. Here you learnt How Truecaller Works and what are the pros and cons of it. If you have any query or suggestion then please share with me via comment box or contact form.

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