40 Browser Shortcut Keys For Chrome, Firefox and Edge

When we use any browser in our PC then we want to save our time, and good thing is that there are lots of shortcut keys which help us to save time. Some time to do a task in the browser we just need to click 2 keys and it takes around 2 seconds but the lake of information might be you don’t know what is that and it takes 1 minute. Here you learn Browser Shortcut Keys For Chrome, Firefox and Edge, with the help of these keys you can enhance your working speed and also knowledge.

Here you will learn around 40+ browser shortcut keys, How you will learn that? You may not be able to learn all these keys once, to learn all these keys you have to practice theme like whenever you need to do something in the browser that could happen by shortcuts key then you have to use it, after using 3-4 times you will be able to keep in mind.

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You can use these shortcut keys in all browser but it is especially for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

40 Browser Shortcut Keys For Chrome, Firefox and Edge

Shortcut KeysDescription
CTRL+PPrint The Your Web Page
CTRL+SSave Your Current Web Page Offline in Your Computer
CTRL+OOpen File Which is stored on Your Computer
CTRL+HOpen Your Browser History
CTRL+J Open Downloads History
CTRL+EnterThis Shortcut key adds www and .com to the name of the website which you type in the address bar.
CTRL+DBookmark Current Page
CTRL+Zoom In
CTRL-`Zoom Out
CTRL+0Reset Zoom
CTRL+FSearch In The Web page
CTRL+L or F6 or ALT+DJump to the address bar
CTRL+SHIFT+DeleteOpen the clear Browsing Data option
CTRL+Topen a New Tab
CTRL+WClose The Current Tab
CTRL+SHIFT+TOpen Previously Closed Tab
CTRL+TabSwitch Between Open Tabs.
CTRL+1 to 8Switch Between Tabs of The Corresponding Number From Left to Right
CTRL+1Switch the First Tab
CTRL+9Switch the Last Tab
CTRL+NOpen a New Browser Window
CTRL+UView a Web Page's source Code
CTRL+SHIFT+NOpen Incognito (Private) Window
CTRL+SHIFT+BToggle the Bookmarks bar between Hidden and Shown
CTRL+SHIFT+OOpen the Bookmark Manager
Search a Google Query
F11Display the current website in full screen mode, It cover your all screen size. To exit from this feature press F11 again.
F5Refresh your current page
EscStop page to load
Alt+Left ArrowBack Your Current Page
Alt+TabToggle between browser's Windows
Alt+HomeOpen Your Browser's Homepage
Alt+Right ArrowForward Your Current Page
SpacebarMoves Down a Page at a time
SHIFT+SpacebarMoves Up a Page at a Time
HomeGo to top of the web page
EndGo to end of the page
Windows+Right ArrowHalf Browser Size in Right Side
Windows+Left ArrowHalf Browser Size in Left Size
Windows+Print ScreenTake a Screenshot of the Current Screen


With the help of browser shortcut keys, you can increase your work speed and it is also helpful to work smart. These all keys are tested in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft edge, but you can also use it in other browsers like opera, safari etc. but remember all keys will not work in these browsers. you have to practice to keep in mind all these keys. I hope you learnt all these shortcut keys if you have any query or suggestion then please share with me via comment box or contact form

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